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Wet Nose Wednesday [VIDEO]
Welcome, Northtown Subaru!  Official Sponsor of Wet Nose Wednesday!
What a joy to meet Edison.  It was worth my dog, Xena, freaking out when I got home last night because I smelled like another dog.  Edison is a true delight, he will bring loads of joy to your home. How...
Strawberry Weekend!
In my humble opinion, the strawberry is the judge, jury, and executioner of the berry world.  It's always been my favorite (don't worry, blueberry, you take the top spot in my pie-flavor-favorite...and raspberry, you rule my jam world), starting with my childhood obsession with Strawb…
LD's Best Friend Day [PHOTOS]
Best friends come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes.  Today is National Best Friends Day.  As we get older, we have lots of different kinds of best friends...but it usually starts with one, the one we remember from childhood.  Remember these...
Katy Perry Coming To Buffalo
Woop Woop! This is exciting!
Katy Perry just announced additional dates to her "WITNESS: The Tour"...and Buffalo is one of the lucky additions!
KeyBank Center
September 16, 2017
Tickets on sale Friday, June 16 at 10am
$130.50, $110
Pick Your Own Berries
SO many reasons to love Western New York in the summer...the festivals, the waterfront, the farmers markets, and the FRESH BERRIES!
Nothing tastes as good as naturally sweet, juicy berries.  Picking your own not only allows you to grab the perfect ones, but it's also a great family activity…
Zima is BACK!
Fellow clear malt beverage drinkers of the early 90s, unite!  ZIMA is back, baby!
MillerCoors just announced ZIMA is back from the dead for a limited time, hitting the shelves by the Fourth of July.
It wooed us all in 1993 (not that I was underage drinking...
Wet Nose Wednesday [VIDEO]

Welcome, Northtown Subaru!  Official Sponsor of Wet Nose Wednesday!

Daddy Dustin and I both agree -- when it comes to dogs, "the bigger the better".  This gal is just shy of being "My Little Pony", and despite not having a great last few months (she was found starving, abandoned …

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