New stats out today show that "In all of the United States’ 50 largest metropolitan areas, there are more single female homeowners than single male homeowners."

Channel 4 reports that "Buffalo’s included in this, and in fact, it’s third on the list!"

The exact break-down is:

16.1 percent of these homes are owned and occupied by single women, while 10.2 percent are owned and occupied by single men.

Only two other cities beat buffalo in this trend,

New Orleans just beat Buffalo, taking second, but Tampa, Florida was number one with 16.4 percent of households being owned and occupied by single women.

For the grand total in the United States metro cities,,

All in all, single women own more than 1.5 million more homes than single men in the 50 areas studied. That adds up to single women owning about 5.1 million homes compared to single men owning 3.5 million homes.