Obviously this is QUITE the election year...so we're conducting an INFORMAL (not at all scientific or official) poll, to see what the election outcome would be...solely based on YOU, the Mix 96 listener, and the two main candidates.

Just like with the real election, it's 100% anonymous, and you will only be able to vote ONCE.  You won't be able to see the results until Tuesday (the REAL election day) at 9:25am.

We will announce who YOU picked during our broadcast on Tuesday from Paula's Donuts on Sheridan (where, by the way, you can also vote for your favorite Paula's Donut, and the first 100 through the door any any of her 3 locations get 1 free donut!).

So, Mix 96....what say you?


By a very small margin, the results are in.  Hillary Clinton won 52.1% to 47.9%.  Wonder if tonight's results will be as close?!?