It's a happy day for the The 30-year-old Missouri woman rescued Monday from the  waters of Niagara Falls! She had just four words for the boat captain who rescued her when she met him for the first time Wednesday night.

"You gave me everything," Lindsay Burgess told Corey Ziraldo when the two met in an emotional reunion at ECMC where Burgess is recovering.

Burgess and her fiancé, Rich Waggoner, both of Park Hills near St. Louis, were hiking in the Devil's Hole area of Niagara Falls' Whirlpool State Park in New York around 1 p.m. Monday when she tried to reach down and touch the swirling waters below one of the world's most powerful waterfalls.Those of us who live here know that is never a good idea!

"I just wanted to touch the beauty," Burgess told ABC News. Instead, she slipped on rocks on the shore, which caused her to fall into the rapids.
The churning waters sucked her in and whisked her away, but Ziraldo's crew spotted her and pulled her out, administering cpr. She is now out of intensive care, and one lucky person!