Last night VP-Elect Mike Pence attended a performance of the
hit Broadway show "Hamilton". The show is a historic and politically themed musical. When the cast of the show became aware of Pence's attendance they closed the show with a few prepared words about their concerns with future of our nation.  

Many people in the audience applauded through out this moment. But outside of the venue on social media where videos were already going viral, there were mixed reviews on the subject. President-Elect Donald Trump took to twitter to address his feelings on the subject.  

I personally believe that as a politician and as a public figure, especially a controversial one, you must expect to receive criticism at any given time. Because the election was just a short time ago, and their continue to be protests in the streets over the results, criticism is expected. Mike Pence was attending a show about historical politics and diversity, so I am completely not surprised that the cast felt compelled to address concerns.  


How do you feel? Do you think the cast was in the right or wrong with this action? Comment below.