If you are a Royal watcher could you feel that Meghan Markle's was in the New York State yesterday?  Yep NYC.  She came here for her baby shower, hosted by a good friend, Serena Williams.  

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The party took place at the Mark Hotel and gifts were definately given.  However, Meghan did something a bit unusual.  She decided to wait and open the gifts until she can be back in England with Harry.  Adorable, right?
According to Oprah On-line, yes Gayle and Oprah were invited.  But, it looks like only Gayle could make it.  Meghan's best friend from the TV show "Suits," Abigail had this to say about the lovely Megahan Markle


 "everywhere she walks, it’s like little love notes come out of the bottoms of her feet," which is basically the sweetest valentine you can ever give a friend.

Markle plans to fly home today.  I wonder of one of the onesies says "future princess"?  ;-)