Lately, it can seem like the world is falling apart.  It's stories like the one below that makes you remember there IS still good in the world.

Max Zahir bought dinner for a homeless veteran.  The vet had asked him for spare change at a gas station near Los Angeles. After buying him lunch, Max said he'd buy the man lunch EVERY day if he saw him at the same spot on his way to work.

Watch the vet's reaction, as he says no one has shown him that much kindness in a long time.



"Inside Edition" reports Max is also setting him up with a job at his new restaurant, and he just started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to buy sleeping bags, blankets, and food for homeless veterans.

At Townsquare Media, we are doing what we can to say "Thank You" to those with actively deployed military members in their family.  The first of many $500 cash award winners will be contacted Monday morning on the Mix Morning Rush!

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