A Halloween night fire that could have proved deadly didn't when a "superhero" saved the day.

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The man in the superhero costume was Chris Taylor according to WTHR-TV.

“There’s a show on Amazon Prime called 'The Boys.' I love it,” he said when asked about the costume.

That ironically was what Taylor was dressed up as for Halloween who along with his children and fiancé were on their way to a party.

“We took the alley. First time ever. And we pull up to the alley and I look back there’s flames coming out of the house and the whole upstairs was consumed, flames were just pouring out it was pretty gnarly,” Taylor explained.

Taylor never had time to think twice...he ran inside the two-story home...

“I yelled as loud as a I can is anybody in here real loud and I heard, if someone was to get hit in the sternum how you kind of sound like you’re losing your wind I heard a sound like that; kind of a moaning, wispy sound,” Taylor recalled.

He found a man upstairs in the home and pulled him to safety.

Taylor and his family eventually made it to the party, but Taylor is going to hold on to that costume.

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