When you go through a tragic event in life, you can either drift toward being introverted and removed from others or have a revelation on your outlook on life.

In the case of Susan Toney, she decided to take on an optimistic and worthwhile journey after being faced with a tragic moment in her life.

When you put a guitar in Susan Toney's hands and let her tell her story, you know you're going to get an amazing music set. Susan has a sweet, mid-tempo bluesy way about her that is so cool and easy to take in. She is easy listening at its finest.

My favorite song of hers, "The Trail of Light and Dark," off her album Love is the Cure-The Essential Collection, is what I like to call music magic. It's the one that has placed her in the spotlight, on radio and into everyone's hearts and homes. Susan was inspired to write the song to help women. She says, "As women, we have the freedom to make choices in relationships that are right for us and align with our values."

Susan miraculously survived a rollover car crash in November 2003, the night of her birthday. She suffered such serious injuries, it was truly a miracle she survived. With a faithful heart, unbridled spirit and a strength that rushed through her veins, she recovered and recognized the tragic accident as an ultimate part of God's plan and a saving Grace. Susan found renewed faith, hope and determination to continue to pursue the very reason she is here-to use her voice to help others. ~ Susan's Bio

Love is the Cure is available to order at, or to download on iTunes. Discover the talents of Susan Toney and let the mesmerizing sound of her voice, in synch with the beautiful sounds of her guitar strings, nourish your spirit and put you at ease tonight.

Have you ever lived through a tragic time or event that has made you renew your faith? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post