After a weekend filled with fireworks, some pet parents are on the lookout for their loved ones who've gone missing.

According to Gina Lattuca, Chief Communications Officer for the SPCA told WIVB, "the sound of fireworks exploding can make your pet feel like the world is ending."

The Buffalo Police department has fielded over 2,000 complaints about fireworks since June 1. There's a good chance pet owners were among those making complaints.

Pets can run away when they're scared, and if it's happened to you, here's what the SPCA says to do to have the best chance of retrieving your pet safely.

The best time of day to look for your lost pet is at sunrise. Because there's less noise, your pet will be less likely to hide.

The SPCA also notes that social media can be very useful to locate a lost pet.

And while New York State law says fireworks legally end on July 5, if it's still popping in your neighborhood, keep your pet safe by putting them in a room they can’t get out of, with sounds they are familiar with  -- like putting the radio on WYRK for them.


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