I went to Rolling Hills Asylum over the weekend and it is definitely "haunted."




What exactly makes a place haunted? Well, I can't answer answer that question, all I know is that I had a great time at Rolling Hills Asylum. Huge thanks to Sharon for having us out there and to explore the place.

Droves of people come from all over the world to check out this real haunted place of history. It does make a believer out of the non believers.

I was lucky to have my friend Becky come along for this experience with me. Not going to hide it, I was definitely nervous though I didn't show it.

I highly suggest when you go, to bring paranormal equipment. It makes the experience so much better. Sharon hooked us up with the paranormal team that was there that night and our entire group heard my name clear as day in an EVP. CRAZY! If that wasn't cool enough, we got a glimpse of something on my camera. I didn't move my hand in this one either. Becky is my witness...

The Rolling Hills Asylum is rich in history and Sharon was a fantastic tour guide. After the tour, you are allowed to explore and there's tons of exploring to do... I decided to head to the morgue and lay on the table...

Whether you are a believer or non believer it is great to know a history of a building.  Times were so different back then. We certainly are lucky for the way things are now. So, head out to The Rolling Hills Asylum for a spook, a history lesson, or simply the culture.