I absolutely love Christmas! So much so I had to put up my Christmas decorations... ALREADY!



I was so happy to be part of the first radio station in Buffalo, NY to play Christmas music. I was so elated and in the Holiday spirit, that I decided to decorate my house too! I have an 8 year old daughter who gets really excited about Christmas and I have a small window to enjoy this with her.

When she found out that Mix 96 was playing Christmas music 24/7 she practically begged me to put up the Christmas tree. I have a fake tree and that is OK! Just like my Halloween decorations, I like to put them up early so I have time to enjoy them!

There is nothing better than being all cozy on the couch watching a Christmas movie and enjoying the Christmas decorations. Wouldn't you agree?

cozy house

So, from my family to yours... Happy Holidays!



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