Buffalo City officials after an overnight and early morning review, provided an update on storm damage from Tuesday night.

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Officials tell News 4 (WIVB-TV) due to the heavy rains, Delaware Park, Cazenovia, and South Park golf courses are closed for a time.

The Forestry Division of the Department of Public Works reports more than 50 trees were affected, including 25 whole trees that were downed and damaged... those areas are now cleared and reopened.

The traffic signal at Niagara Street and West Ferry was reported being out for a while, with portable stop signs were in place.

Flood clean up of minor streets around the city continues, Buffalo Sewer says.

No one was injured in connection with the storm, according to officials.

From the standpoint of someone living in the Northtowns, we saw the storm first because it entered from the North, and the thunder and lightning were continuous, but I never really felt the storm hit us directly.  It seems to travel to our east and while the lightning was incredible and the thunder rolled, it always seemed a bit distant.

In the Lewiston area where I live we got heavy rain and some hail, but damage was kept to a minimum.

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