Ed Sheeran debuted his new song "Sweet Mary Jane" at Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, New York this past weekend.

Sweet Mary Jane Lyrics - Ed Sheeran

I woke up early looking out my window
At the Amsterdam sky
Oh baby I was high last night
Cafe clouds and red lights
When I gotcha in mind
You slowed down time
Oh baby I was out of my mind
Sing a song cover and hold me tight

I drill you deep into my chest
That’s where it feels the best
You can remove all the scars
Stop them from breaking my heart
Been on a hurting spree
That brought out the worst in me
‘cause I don’t want to be alone

‘cause everyday that I’m breathing I think you are the one
I love the way that your sweet words just roll off of my tongue
Feel the flame of your wisdom and fill up my lungs
Sweet Mary Jane won’t you sing another song

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