Tell me you are a Bills fan by singing about it, rather than telling me about it. 


Brendan Bartoo, who grew up in Hamburg, served his country in the United States Airforce for six years. Presently, Bartoo still serves in the reserves at Niagara Falls. 

Brendan Bartoo

Bartoo spent three of those six years in Nebraska and the rest in New Jersey, and while his town may have changed, his favorite football team stayed the same. 


Brendan Bartoo is a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, and just last week, he wrote an original song dedicated to his hometown and its beloved Bills. 


“I had the title written down for a while,” Bartoo said.

Brendan Bartoo, on Instagram @brendanbartoomusic

The song is called “Town That Can Tailgate,” and he wrote it hoping that it would get his friends excited for the Bills season. 


“I started writing it and it turned into a song about bringing someone from out of town to a Bills tailgate.”


With Bartoo serving the United States in different regions of the country, he has made a lot of friends that aren’t from Western New York, but rather places like Alabama, Iowa, Ohio, and Nebraska. However, Bartoo said, “[I] always found myself begging about the Bills tailgates.”

Brendan Bartoo


“I know we didn’t get to tailgate last year, so I know everyone is pumped to get it going this year,” Bartoo said. 


One of Bartoo’s personal friends commented on the song. “I think that song resonates with every Bills fan and even country music fans out there.” 


Bartoo said, “I hope that it [“Town That Can Tailgate”] brings the community together again after everything this past year.” 


Bartoo has since recorded the acoustic and it will be on a music streaming platform soon. Stay up to date on that by following our local hero on Instagram @brendanbartoomusic .”

“Go Bills!”

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