It's a Christmas miracle!

Andrew and Pauline Shomers of Lewiston were vacationing for the Fourth of July holiday in Allegheny County.

On July 1, some fireworks spooked their 9-year-old husky, Valley, and off she went into the woods.  After searching for her, and posting hundreds of flyers offering a $500 reward, they had all but given up hope.

But on Tuesday, everything changed with a phone call. Valley had survived this hot and dry summer in the woods on her own!  She was hungry, had some parasites, and was severely dehydrated, but she was alive!

Here's the tearful reunion....

Valley was treated at an Orchard Park vet, and is now home (and probably being ridiculously spoiled) with her family. <3

Tough old girl!

Avoid going through the agony this family experienced this summer...PLEASE leave your pets at home (or secured inside) around fireworks!


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