The Burns family from Lewiston are personal friends of mine. They're a loving family that does almost everything together. Referenced in a story aired on WKBW-TV June 2018 ended up being a month they will never forget.

“It’s a horrible vivid memory...,” said Jackie Burns.

Jackie is Gavin’s mother. Gavin was just 10 in 2018. when his leg was injured by a lawn mower. He was taken by Mercy Flight to the hospital where doctors determined his leg needed to be amputated.

Gavin, while lying in his bed at the hospital was asked by his mom, what he wanted or needed? To which he replied that he wanted to run, something that he probably would thought would never happen after the accident.  She asked him further, and the 7th-grade student said that he wanted to run a marathon.

For years Gavin has used a prosthetic that would limit his range of mobility meaning no jumping, no running. That has now changed.

“We got a phone call from Nelson’s telling us that Dan and Brad had made it happen for our son and that he would be getting fitted for his new prosthetic,” said Gavin’s mother.

This new prosthetic will allow Gavin to be a kid again. Something not lost on his two brothers, who were just as excited as Gavin at the prospect.

Gavin's Dad Jason said...“As a parent, as a dad, it made me cry,”

Gavin is more than excited at what the future holds for him.

He runs through the house now, to the delight of his brothers and his parents, but one day he says he WILL run a marathon.

“All kids want to do is run. And he got his dream back,” said Jason Burns.

I've never seen such love and support for a family, from parents, to grandparents to neighbors...the entire community has shared Gavin's pain and will now share his happiness.

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