In case you missed it this morning, I shared the following story, reluctantly, because I felt so STUPID for it.

Turns out, I'm not alone! I couldn't believe how many of you said this happened to you as well!

So on my weekly run to...well, lets call it the "red bullseye" store....I was filling my cart with random stuff you do when you go there:  yogurt, a new purse, granola bars, toys for my niece and nephew, eggs, socks, an oil filter....

I needed a new bra, too, so I whizzed through the lingerie section, quickly found one in my size that was modest, had good coverage, plain colors, the price was right...and out the door I went.

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I got home, I tried it on, it fit perfectly.  No lumps, no cup spillage, no issues.

But I noticed these funny little straps inside the cup.  And detachable straps.

"Oh, it's a convertible one, so I can wear it with strapless stuff! Cool!" I thought.

Then I read the dangling tag, fully expecting it to say "CONVERTIBLE!"

Nope. It said "NURSING BRA."

Townsquare Media / LD

Imagine my chagrin.  And disappointment. And embarrassment.  And conundrum.

I'm not nursing. I don't plan on nursing any time in the near future. And despite the funny comments that came in on our text line earlier, and as lovely as it sounds, I also have no plans for "easy access" at this current point in time (but thanks for the ideas, you sultry minxes!).

I was, however, pleasantly surprised to hear from SO many of you, who have done the exact same thing. And you all kept the bra.

So I'm taking a stand.  A childless, non-nursing stand.

And I'm keeping my baby.

(thanks, Madonna)