You know I have the Note 7, right?

Yes, I returned it and exchanged it for a new, "safe" one....which now, as it were, may not actually be safe.

Whatever, I'm not returning this one...I just got all my apps back! ;)

Well, if you have the Note 7, or the new iPhone, or any new phone for that matter, this sounds like the perfect way to break it (conspiracy theory???).

The "hot new social media trend" is taking a selfie, while high-fiving yourself.  Obviously, that means you can't use your hands, so it takes a little skill.

You set the timer on your phone, toss said phone in the air, high five yourself, and hope to get a photo of the high five as it falls.

Here's what happened when I tried it...

Here's what happened when Dean tried it....

Think we can all agree....#Fail.

One more shot....