Vacations are for fun, relaxing, and trying new stuff.

I've gone fishing before (not well, mind you)...but never from an inlet in the Gulf of Mexico.  What could go wrong?

I've got a little pictorial story for you.  Children, read along.... (and below, don't miss the video of another sea creature who played....)

First, you go out waist-deep and let the fish know who's BOSS.  Here, I simply yell down at them, "YOU STAND NO CHANCE!!!!"

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.....then you cast out a few times....

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....and when you don't catch anything, you try to lure them closer to shore....

Townsquare Media / LD reel in a big one....

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.....and then IT shows YOU who's boss...and you lose footing.....

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SO you's best to hop back on the boat, enjoy a cold beverage, and flex the guns, knowing that even though one got away, you're still higher on the food chain.

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The end.

We DID, however, have a cool encounter with what I call "a puppy" (everything to me is a puppy, c'mon)....

By the way, that was just a dolphin.

Not a shark. Or a puppy.