Every year, the Friday before the first Bills game, I wear one shirt to work.

I HAVE to; it's a MUST.

No, it's not helped us to the playoffs (yet).  BUT, it satiates my minimal-OCD tendancies, and lets face it, anything Bills-related is A-OK in offices on a Bills weekend.

The funny thing is, I don't particularly LOVE this shirt.  It's flashy. It's got sequins. I'm not a real flashy kind'a girl, so it doesn't really "fit" for me.  But it's now a tradition, and as ugly as I may feel like it is, I still don it every year.

I put it on Facebook Live this morning to get your "Yay" or "Nay".  (Today was also a big day for Eric Jordan, who commemorated HIS big event in his own way with his OWN shirt. You'll see further into the video...)



I feel like LOTS of us have some game-day traditions or superstitions we feel MUST happen in order for a win...or at the very least, some good luck juju.

What's your game-day superstition or tradition?