Earlier this morning, I shared a story about my ride back from Jamestown this weekend.   After I told the story, a "gentleman" called, yelling at me, ending the call with some very sweet* four-letter-words, before he hung up on me.

*dripping sarcasm

I really DID want clarification from this man, but again, he hung up on me (after verbally assaulting me!) before I could respectfully ask any follow-up questions.


The story is, as I was driving back from Jamestown, I got behind someone who had a fresh deer strapped to the bumper.  There was nothing covering the deer, and I had no choice other than to watch it's little head bopping up and down with every bump in the road, until I could get another car in between us.  While I have NOTHING AGAINST HUNTERS, I just prefer not to see the carnage.  It's just not my thing.  (I also don't like seafood, so if anyone wants to come after me for that, feel free.)  I just thought maybe a cover or tarp of some kind would be nice, for those of us who don't want to see it 5 feet in front of our car.

The man who berated me on the phone claimed "New York State law states you have to have the deer exposed..." (then he dropped an F bomb and hung up).  I wasn't able to track down any such law, so I went to my coworker -- and avid hunter for 30+ years -- for clarification.

So....according to Clay, no such law exists.

But "Thank You" to the "gentleman" who screamed at me at 8:30am, with incorrect information.  Love ya!