If there's one thing we ALWAYS get right in Buffalo, it's food.

Almost every nationality is represented in some way...and nobody knows Polish food like WNY.  Enter:  RU's Pierogi, on Niagara Street on the lower west side of Buffalo.

Eric and I NEVER turn down an opportunity to eat, so we were treated to a "media night" where we sampled everything from Banana Pepper and Cheese (my favorite) to Goat Cheese (Eric's favorite) pierogi.  Oh and leave room for the Apple one...it's as close to illegal as you can get.

Here's a few pics and a quick video to show how we didn't stop, even when we said "when".  (BTW, there's also a wide variety of craft beers, mostly local, that pair swimmingly!)

Check out the flavors!!!

Watch for their food truck!  They also have curb-side service, and you can even buy them by the box and fix 'em at home however and whenever you want. (Here's their Facebook page) Every single one is HAND MADE right in the building, which is one of the oldest in Buffalo (the area they actually make them? One of the only totally fireproof -- and cleanest -- places in Buffalo, built right after the the great Burning of Buffalo over 200 years ago.)

History made here, and history in the making!