Does gray hair mean you are getting old?  Apparently not! Fewer women are dyeing their hair and embracing the natural look.

It is normal for people to start getting gray hairs as early as adolescence. Many don’t get grays until their twenties or thirties and often dye their hair until they are “old.”

I asked a 40-something female friend what she thought of the trend... and her response:

Nothing is less sexy than gray hair on a woman. She called it "thrown-in the towel gray", and continued just get a pair of "granny-panties" and hang it up. (thanks Sarah)

Yet there is the story one woman, a hairstylist who while watching her mother do hair while growing up saw men and women covering their gray hair. Now, she specializes in silver hair masterpieces, including little peeks of gray against dark hair...for those who don't want to go totally gray.

What do you think...fashionable or throwing in the towel?  More opinions as well as pics here.