How does your family celebrate the last day of school?

A recent discussion on Facebook got me thinking about ideas for fun "last day of school" traditions. There hasn't been one particular thing I do with my kids every year for the last day, but here are some great ideas to get you started on a tradition of your own!

One mom I know has water balloons and squirt guns ready for when her kids get off the bus on the last day. The second they step off the bus, this mama gets her revenge!

A few years ago I did a "Yes Day," where (within reason) I said YES to anything the kids wanted to do. That day resulted in a trip to the Buffalo Museum of Science to fire off the rockets on the first floor, and buy astronaut ice cream in the gift shop -- then, off to the Buffalo Zoo to ride the carousel and say hi to the animals -- then, to Canalside to play in the big sandbox, before heading to the Outer Harbor playground and watching the sunset at Gallagher Beach.

Some great ideas from other moms on Facebook:

  • Let them jump in the pool with their school clothes/uniforms on
  • Make a "summer bucket list" together, with must-do activities
  • Have a "book burning," toss old school papers and folders into a backyard fire pit

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