While Kesha fans gear up to protest the pop star's cancelled performance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday May 22, some artists are voicing their outrage over the singer's treatment by Kemosabe Records on social media. Lady Gaga falls into the latter group of supporters.

Late yesterday evening (May 18), the "Til It Happens To You" singer slammed Kesha's label on Twitter, writing, "Isn't it strange that it's legal to own a woman this way? Listen Ursula, we want her voice back. #freekesha"

The message, which reads loud and clear, comes just days after it was reported that the "True Colors" artist had been blocked from performing at the Billboard Music Awards. Kesha had been scheduled to perform during the awards show, and had even received a written agreement from her label to do so. Unfortunately, after media reports surfaced on May 11 speculating that she would make a "statement" about her personal and legal struggles with Dr. Luke on the stage, Kemosabe revoked its approval of the performance, thereby forcing the artist to cancel.

Gaga's tweet is not the first time she has stood up for the other pop star, and she has been vocal about her support for Kesha over the past few months, blasting the public for "victim shaming" the artist for coming forward with her sexual abuse allegations as well as using social media as an outlet to stand up for her friend:

On May 7, Kesha returned the favor by honoring Gaga with an emotionally stirring cover of the artist's Academy Award-nominated anthem "Til It Happens to You," which she performed at the Humane Society’s “To The Rescue!” Gala in Los Angeles.

Kesha's Best Live Vocals:

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