Want your kids to learn a valuable skill for the future?  Then check out this afternoon program called coder school, right here in Buffalo.  Here kids as young as 7 are welcome to learn the basics of coding.

Coding schools have been happening around the country so pretty cools there are now in Buffalo.

According to  WIVB news' interview with director  Sanchayita Shah,

They're learning about sequencing, variables, functions, even though they don't really know they're learning about this stuff.

Basically, this coder school helps kids not just with programming but critical thinking.  In the WIVB interview a code coach, Robert Slick states,

I always liken it to something like cooking a recipe in the sense that you have a set of instructions that you're giving to a computer and they'll execute it and at the end you'll have a working product.

Lastly, coder school offers summer camps, so maybe that might genius of yours can jump in then.  Here is their link.