The immeasurably talented Kelly Clarkson faced off against somewhat adequate singer Justin Guarini during American Idol's Season 1 finale. It remains one of this country's greatest missteps -- that the general public somehow saved Guarini each week, ensuring him a spot in the finale. Meanwhile, Tamyra Gray -- a contestant whose immense skill would've rendered her a far more suitable opponent for Clarkson -- only made it to fourth place.

But while the United States made a clear mistake in voting back in 2002, AI fans righted this most terrible wrong by ultimately crowning the show's more deserved winner -- an outcome Clarkson hopes is repeated with the country's 2016 presidential election (though the stakes miiiight be a little higher this time around).

The "Piece by Piece" singer posted a photo on Twitter today (November 8) of her momentous American Idol win, complete with loser Guarini smiling through tears (probably) behind her. The text superimposed on the photo reads, "Make the right choice again, America."

And to anyone who follows the "Since U Been Gone" singer on Twitter, her message is clear.

Clarkson -- who needlessly captioned the throwback photo, "just kidding Justin" -- is a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter, and she shared another old photo of herself with the Democratic nominee shortly before taunting Guarini's loss a few hours later.

Sorry, Justin. Sorry, Trump.

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