I've been seeing different posts for homemade suncatchers in my Facebook feed a lot lately, which I think are pretty cool, and I might try myself!

(Have you tried them yet? Send us pics!)

Now that school's out, parents are scrambling for new and innovative ways to keep kids active and engaged during the summer, which isn't easy!  Especially if you're still working a full time job, going to school yourself, etc...

It made me think of things I did as a kid during the summer.  I was lucky enough that my mom didn't work full time until I was in about 7th grade, so she came up with lots of fun arts and crafts and ideas for us.  My fondest memories:

In the age of every-kid-over-4-having-a-smartphone, it's gotta be challenging to come up with something that keeps their attention longer than 20 seconds!

What else are you doing with your kids this summer to keep em busy!?!?  Share and help other parents! 

In the meantime, here's a couple cool videos of crafty ideas for young and old!

Have you tried that one?

How cute is THIS idea?