Kanye West counts himself as a Bill Cosby supporter, apparently.

Shortly after declaring on Twitter that Kylie Jenner’s reported deal with Puma (a rumor popped up online earlier today, stating the youngest Jenner had signed a seven-figure deal to become the new face of the brand) is, in fact, not going to happen, he tweeted again -- though this time it was an unprovoked message of solidarity geared toward Bill Cosby:

Cosby is currently facing multiple lawsuits from women who allege he drugged and sexually assaulted them. The comedian was recently brought in for arraignment in December 2015, as a judge ruled that a case involving accusations of sexual abuse reportedly taking place in 2004 would move forward.

“I hereby find no basis to grant the relief requested,” ruled Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill, at the time, despite claims from Cosby's lawyers that there was an “immunity deal” set in place to stop Cosby from being prosecuted.

Twitter has since responded to Kanye's assertion of Cosby's innocence, with the vast majority of users calling for him to step away from his account.

Meanwhile, New York Magazine's The Cut responded to Kanye's tweet, without comment, with a link to their powerful July 2015 article, in which 35 of Cosby's accusers came forward and told their stories.

Kanye has yet to address the tweet in the hour since he initially posted it, though he did tweet a few minutes later.

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