Things are getting a little antsy as the Buffalo Bills head into NFL free agency.

It looks like All-Pro safety Jordan Poyer won't be returning to Buffalo next season. During his podcast, he said that if he wasn't coming back to Buffalo, he would like to go to a place that has sunshine and doesn't take half his money in the form of taxes.

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Well, one member of Bills Mafia wasn't happy with Poyer's comments and hit him up on social media. Poyer wasn't happy and clapped back at the fan.


Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

What he said is true he is entitled to his opinion but when you are a public figure and you say something on a public forum (his podcast) you should have an expectation that people are going to comment on it.

Should the fan send him a message? Maybe, Maybe not. But as someone who talks every day to thousands of people, I know that people will take what I said with their own personal bias. I am sure he has said this in the past, but not during a time when he could leave the team. Of course, saying it now has a lot more emotional pull than if he said it after signing a new 3-year deal.

I am still blown away by the number of celebrities or public figures that don't understand that people have an opinion about your life. You play football and make a lot of money because fans are paying and watching. Don't want people to criticize your opinions, don't play football, or don't put them out there in a public forum.

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