We all know there are drawbacks of working from home, including interruptions from family members and balancing work life and your home life...

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But here are what I see as some benefits of working from home . . .

1.  No commute, or charge for parking.

2.  There is no dress code.

3.  You're automatically social distancing.

4.  You can take care of minor household tasks during work.

5.  Your hours are more flexible because no one's keeping tabs. (this can also be a drawback since you have no "set" work hours, so personally, I ten to work more at home.)

6. You can have a coffee, snack or a TV break whenever you want.

7. No one gets on your case if you take a quick nap or play with your pet during "work hours".

Editors Note:  You don't have to shave or comb your hair

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