Many of us have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

We have the dispensing locations saved on our computer or phone, visiting them numerous times a day only to get the message "there are no appointments available within 50 miles of your location".

Then it happens it allows you to request a schedule an appointment.  Instructs you on what materials to bring when to arrive, the basics.

I oddly enough felt like I had won the lottery, but rather than getting a prize I actually wanted, I got one I needed.

When Covid vaccines originally came out I was apprehensive.  I, probably like many of you said...I'll wait till others get it, people I know, see what they experience.  Not the bravest or most commendable way to do it, but we all have a certain fear of the unknown.

I discussed it with my brother and sisters, my brother and I decided it was something we needed to do.

Once the appointment was scheduled, I googled about the vaccine, side effects, what you should and shouldn't do the day of the appointment.

One respected site advised not to take a hot shower 2 hours before or after the vaccine to lessen the chance of interactions.  That same site said to limit exercise the day of your appointment.  I followed both recommendations.  Sites also advised NOT taking allergy meds or things like Tylenol or Ibuprofen before receiving the injection. Again, I thought sound advice.

The day of my scheduled appointment arrived so, rather than dressing for the weather I wore a shirt that could be easily rolled-up for the injection.  I arrived at the location 15 minutes early, was asked to fill out a questionnaire, and take a seat.  There were a few other people waiting as well, all socially distanced, all friendly, and very talkative (nervousness will do that).

One person recognized my voice and asked if I was the morning guy on "The Breeze" which then circulated quickly, and we all engaged in discussion before being called in to receive the vaccine.

Photo Credit: Joe Chille

Once in the private vaccination room, Jen (the attendant) and an observer from a local college greeted me, explained the procedure, that I would be receiving the Moderna vaccine, and what to expect.

The injection was painless, I was given some paperwork to bring home, scheduled for my second vaccine to be given within 28 days, and sent out to a waiting area for about 15 minutes to make sure there were no complications or allergic reactions.

Then I was on my way.  I had no reaction, felt no side effects and had no pain, other than a little tenderness around the injection site hours later.

As the day went on I felt a bit tired which I blamed on not exercising that day, I continued to hydrate, which I read was a good idea and headed off to a good night's sleep.

Today, I feel fine, although hungry, but I am always hungry.  28 days will bring my second shot, which I understand may have some more side effects, but I will keep you posted.

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