Your primary care physician is your first line of defense when illness and injury come knocking, and at my age I can appreciate how big a difference it makes having a doctor you can trust.

The professionals at the North Tonawanda Primary Care Center cater to a variety of patients of all ages in the North Tonawanda area. I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the folks at their location, which is at 1089 Kinkead Ave. in North Tonawanda. Their knowledgeable staff provides what Dr. Adeel Amir refers to as a "one-stop shop" for medical needs in the community.

Dr. Amir brings a special layer to the care that they can offer at North Tonawanda Primary Care Center as an expert in "osteopathic manipulative medicine", or in layman's terms it's treatments that you might receive from a chiropractor, but with an additional medically-focused element.

Hear from Dr. Amir below as he talks through what separates North Tonawanda Primary Care Center, specifically that they cultivate a long-standing relationship with their patients.