Jeezy might be a little embarrassed now that the world knows he's missing his front teeth. The rapper suffered a bit of a mishap during a performance this past weekend as he lost his grill during the show. Media Take Out got their hands on a photo of Jeezy showing off his toothless grin, which you can view at this link. XXL reached out to Def Jam for comment on the matter, but has yet to hear back.

Plenty of people deal with tooth loss, but it is a bit surprising that someone with Jeezy's means has not opted to get dental implants to rectify his situation. It seems like the Atlanta rapper's grill has made due up to this point, so maybe he never even considered it.

This missing teeth revelation comes just a few weeks after Jeezy had an unfortunate incident with a fan. During a performance in Jacksonville, the "Over Here" rapper dealt with an obnoxious fan who reached up and touched the Atlanta native. Jeezy was none too pleased as he went over to the guardrail to address the fan. "Don't fucking touch me," Jeezy said. The CTE World boss managed to keep his cool though and not let the situation escalate any further.

Back on the music front, Jeezy has been churning out some new tracks just a few months after his Church in the Streets album dropped. The Snowman showed his love for Cam Newton on "Hit Um" and contributed to a new soundtrack with a record called "Be a Man."

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