Say this for Jennifer Lopez; she knows how to land on her feet. Just weeks after seperating from husband Marc Anthony, sources on both sides of the Atlantic are speculating that J-Lo has connected with "Hangover" star Bradley Cooper!

How serious things are depends on whom you ask: MailOnline has a photo of two people that look very much like Cooper and Lopez, driving around Los Angeles., meanwhile, reports that "sources" are confirming the duo is "casually dating" [, says they are "definitely dating"; it really does depend on whom you ask].

Lopez has a reputation for replacing significant others as quickly as possible, so the fast switch of Anthony by Cooper probably isn't a surprise. But People magazine may have been a little fooled; earlier this month, it speculated that the two were considering putting together a movie, when reports about the couple ["J-Coop"? "Jenn-Brad"? Oh wait, that one's been used before...] chatting over dinner came out. 

Hard to tell what'll happen next, but Lopez likes things to get serious asap. Stay tuned...

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