Self-defense is not only the ability to fight but the ability to escape...

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January is National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month, and a local business is teaching you the basics you need to know.

SPAR Self Defense in the Town of Tonawanda teaches reality-based self-defense that focuses on real-life situations.

"The best weapons you have are your hands, and your senses," said Bill Long, co-owner of SPAR Self Defense.

The techniques taught at SPAR Self Defense are used by various agencies including SWAT teams and the U.S. Secret Service.

"If you have to reach for pepper spray or a gun most often your are not going to have time for that," Long said.

Described here are moves that will help you in some common situations:

If someone is trying to choke you - You should quickly grab their wrist and drive down your elbow into their face.


If someone comes up behind you - Elbow them in the groin and continue to shove

SPAR says it's not about size or weight, rather knowing what to do to get away...

This feature is running all week on WKBW-TV Channel 7 in Buffalo.