So, you are a nutty royal watcher like me.  How exciting to hear the news of the birth of Meaghan and Harry's baby boy.

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Now, will the name have to be a traditional royal name

Well according to the royal experts at Time magazine, Victoria Arbiter,

The royal couple doesn’t tend to stray as far from tradition as people may think, she says. “They haven’t broken any rules, but they’re certainly doing things their way,” Arbiter tells TIME.

Adding that

Because the child will likely not have an HRH affixed to its name —it will not be called a "prince" unless  Queen Elizabeth  issues a new patent decreeing it, which she has previously done in 2012 for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children — the naming process for Meghan and Harry  has even more space for creativity.

Say Vanity Fair royal correspondent and the author Katie Nicholl, of "Harry and Meghan: Life, Loss, and Love"

 “There’s a lot of speculation that Meghan’s going to want to go for something quite untraditional, possibly an American name or a modern name. It’s possible,”

Must admit, that if they have another child, a girl, I am so hoping they will go with Diana.