I've got a few problems with this story about Alton Brown, aka "Iron Chef America," claiming that Buffalo isn't the place to get good Buffalo chicken wings.

Alright dude, first off, no one here calls them "Buffalo Wings," so stop it, your ignorance is showing.

Next, have you seen this guy eat a Beef on Weck? What kind of food expert doesn't know how much horseradish to put on their sandwich? That said, check his face at 2 minutes and 39 seconds into this video, OMG.


On "First We Feast," a YouTube food series on a channel with more than three million followers, Brown delivered controversial words in his conversation with host Sean Evans.

"If you want great Buffalo chicken wings, don't go to frickin' Buffalo," the Food Network celebrity uttered. For context, the quote stemmed from a discussion about how once a region becomes known for a certain food, it tends to rest on its laurels.


Here's the video:

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