This was released in 2013...yet somehow,it slipped under my radar.

Most of it still rings true though! I say "most", because since 2013, even MORE has grown in Western New York. Even the few shots at Canalside are missing some things that are there now!

I think I also relish in the "sarcastic" tone of the whole thing...because frankly, Buffalo is right for everyone.  And if anyone isn't right for Buffalo, they'll find out here.

And please, spare the nasty "what about shoveling for 4 hours" and "our taxes are high" and other nasty nay-saying comments I saw below the video (on the actual YouTube page).  Just like people, nowhere is perfect...yes, we have winter, and it's not just OUR taxes that are high...Buffalo IS in New York State, after all.

Just take this nice, flirty, positively-spun video created to boost buffalo business and residency for what it is:  pretty darn accurate.  And awesome.