Everyone always has a story to share even if they can't seem to think of one.

Delilah wants YOU to share a story that's worth airing on her show even if you don't realize you do.

Something tells me you have a story that's worthy of airing on my show. You may not even realize you have a story, and that's why I'm here to draw it out of you. I can think of all kinds of ways you can share your heart with me so I'm just gonna go ahead and give you a few ideas for things you can write to me about.

My only request is that you have to give me more than "he is my rock" or "she is the wind beneath my wings." It takes much more than that to help me understand the depth of your relationship or your story - not to mention I've heard those lines a bazillion times. Tell me if any of these themes ring a bell in your life...

True Love: Tell me how your beloved has impacted your life. Perhaps how you met or what makes them different from every other person you've known.

The Reunion: Have you reconnected with a former crush, a child, a birth parent, an old friend? How did you find them? What do they mean to you?

A Mother's Love: How has motherhood changed your life? What moments do you most cherish with your child? What gifts did your mother pass down to you that have enriched your life?

A Father's Heart: If you are a father, how do you impact the hearts of your children? What lessons, values or memories did your father impart to you?

Friday Nite Girls: Tell me about your "sisterhood," your best friends, women that have loved you through thick and thin.

Angel in Disguise: Has someone, a loved one or a complete stranger, helped you more than they know? Given you resources or even a hug when you were hurting?

The Legacy: If you are mourning the death of a loved one, tell us what made that person so special and unique in your life. Reflect on the past and tell us about their heart.

Renewal: If you are getting in shape, giving up a bad habit, or changing your lifestyle for health's sake, tell me!

Dog of the Day: If you've been cheated on, lied to and torn down by a loved one, I'm here to build you back up - but first, I'll hand him or her the deserved Dog of the Day award.

A New Day: Have you won an award, graduated, overcome huge obstacles in your path? Climbed a mountain, started recovery, brought home a new child? Let me celebrate and rejoice with you!

I want your very best memories, your most heart-felt moments, your silly stories and more, so write, write, write and send them to me at Or call me tonight at 1-888-633-5452.

Do YOU have a story you'd like to share with Delilah? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post