So yesterday, we had the time-honored discussion about "how old is too old" to trick or treat.

Eric and I feel there should be an unspoken cut-off age of about 12 or 13...Or, as soon as you're old enough to have working papers and buy your own candy.  (Yes, we were lambasted for that.  For hours.  Which is cool, because everyone has a right to an opinion.)

Today, we flipped the script and talked about those who have young babies -- those that don't even have teeth yet -- dress em up cute, and go trick-or-treating, just for the candy (you're not fooling us, we know YOU'RE just gonna eat the candy.  That 8-month-old isn't even on safety scissors yet!).  Most of you found THAT pretty wrong.


But, regardless of the trick-or-treaters age, I wondered if you've ever run out of candy...and how you handled it.


Happened to me one year.  But I found that if you wrap your hand tight enough around different objects and drop them in the bag, the kid never knows what you just dropped in there!

One year, a kid got a mini stapler.  Another got a bouillon cube. The best was the handful of soy sauce and duck sauce.  That's a tasty treat, if ya ask me!


So...fill in the blank:  We ran out of Halloween candy, so we gave out ________________.