There's a bill has been on the proverbial table in Albany for 10 years or so, but now, it's getting more attention.  The proposal would add "fishing and hunting" as a unit to the Physical Education curriculum in New York State.

If passed and signed into law, the bill would have the DEC help formulate ideas.  Proponents say it would teach various hunting and fishing seasons, what game and fish can be taken, and the history of hunting and fishing and how it applies to the state's development.

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I started thinking about the "life skills" I learned in high school...and frankly it was a little laughable, especially when I think back to badminton and table-tennis being offered.  (Yes, I realize those are Olympic sports now.)

Then I found this list and thought, yeah, some of these should definitely trump hunting and fishing, like:

  • basic car maintenance
  • self defense
  • how to stick to a budget

We asked you what other life skills should be taught in school...and MOST of you also said the whole "sticking to a budget" thing.  

Some of the others you suggested:

  • common sense
  • respect
  • good manners

(IMHO, these aren't the schools' responsibilities, but we won't get into that right now.)

What basic life skill do you think they should teach in school?


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