It was all good just a few weeks ago.

Producer Hudson Mohawke has worked with both Kanye West and Drake, but it looks like he's fed up of doing so for free, because earlier today (March 13) Mohawke hopped on Twitter and let shots fire about his lack of funds.

"Literally about to release zip of kanye and drake songs I've done that I got [zero] for," he wrote before later deleting. "Mannn so tired of making careers for ppl who take my work n add 1 hi hat n take all the credit...exhausting shit," he continued. "Actually since being asked so many times 'wats your advice to upcoming producers'.. Mainstream rappers have less business sense than ur mum. Love a little wind up for u cuntos, keeps u on your toes heh [...] Til the day someone actually does thief my laptop n get 3 albums worth of gold."

Mohawke worked with Kanye on Yeezus for "I Am a God" and "Blood on the Leaves" as well as Life of Pablo for "Famous," "Freestyle 4" and "FML" while he's worked with Drake before on "Connect" from Nothing Was the Same. Nonetheless, this is a bold move to make for a guy who's got a large profile outside of rap. Artists from rap and electronic are often eager to collaborate in hopes of reaching new fans, but here it hasn't exactly yielded a healthy union.

Kanye is known to work with a large group of producers, but it's rare we hear somebody who complains that they didn't get paid by the man. He's so open about his committee-style work by now that it's odd to see this issue with such a big artist arise. XXL will keep you updated as more of this story develops.

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