Our pals at Buzzfeed knows right where to hit us (especially us morning people!)...at our coffee-loving heart!  Most of us can't live without it, and we have our go-to order that just makes our morning complete!

They put together this fun quiz to see how well you REALLY know your Tim Horton's.

Know what a B.E.L.T. is?  Any idea where the first store was?  If you're a real Buffalonian (or Canadian, for that matter), you'll pass with flying colors!

Be sure to share your results on Facebook too..we'll see who's the REAL Tim-Genius is tomorrow morning on the Mix Morning Rush! (PS I got 9 out of 10....)

By the way, what IS your go-to when you order at Tim Horton's? Do you always get the same thing?

Why do you think we're so obsessed with it?

Do you call it "Tim Horton's"?  Or "Timmy Ho's" or "Tim's"?