Kidabaloo is just around the corner, so you know you're gonna be goin' bananas with pictures!  Especially with meet'n'greets with Disney Stars Lauren Taylor and Trinitee Stokes!

So how do you get the PERFECT picture of your kid?  If you're gonna post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media, be the supermom that you are and get tips directly from the woman who KNOWS her child-photography:  Anne Geddes herself!

The photographer famous for her photos of kids dressed as flowers or bumblebees offers these tips for the best possible share-worthy pics:

  1. Take pictures in the morning:  this is especially true for the younger ones. Probably becasue they tend to be a little more cranky as the day goes on. Plus, morning light = beautiful light!
  2. Get down to their level: Crouch'll get better photos if you're shooting them straing on, otherwise they're looking UP at you in every shot.
  3. Be playful and spontaneous:  it's easy to do if you're just catching them playing in the back yard, but even more important to try to get them to pose for something.

The 3rd one is very true...true story: I had to sing Icona Pop's "I Don't Care" and dance behind the photographer during my cousin's wedding to get my young niece and nephew to smile! IT WORKED!!