Now if you are one of those organized people that never lose their keys or phone, then just check out all of the other cool posts on   For the rest of you, like me, who lose their keys, phone and sometimes their minds every day, then read on.  It's called "Tile Mate" and I think we are going to mate for life!

It's a white tile, that you hook on to your keychain.  It is a pretty easy setup.  Okay, I am sure it is, but actually, I had my fifteen year old do it.  She says it was easy.  If you can't find your phone, you simply double-click on the chip inside the white tile and your phone will play music even if the sound is turned off, gotta love that!  If you are looking for your keys, you simply press the tile app icon on your phone and your keys will play a beeping sound.

You may be thinking what if you lose both?  Well, that did happen a few times this past weekend :(  Luckily, I found one or the other.  Or, should I say my teenage daughters did.  Now, if you are lucky like me, you have a great gal pal, like Val Townsend, who buys you a Tile Mate.  I think Val bought me the tile because she likes me, but she probably also bought me the tile because she is a wee bit tired of hearing me ask "where the .... are my keys?"