I can't tell you how many times I've googled this.

I can't tell you how many times I've measured, then measured again, and yet again, and manage to come up with three completely different sets of numbers each time.

Then again, you know me, I don't like math,

I also LOATHE bra shopping. It's not like shopping for men's pants where a "32/36" will fit no matter who makes them.  A 36C in one store is a 38D in another and yet a 34B in another.

Strike me down if I'm in a place like Marhsall's or TJ Maxx where the brands are mixed.  Those kind of trips require planning, a bottle of wine, getting the dog boarded, and maybe an overnight stay.

ThinkStock / Jacek_Kadaj

So I tried to find the most consistent method across the sources, and here's what I found for your "best supporting actress".

  • Figure out your BAND size first.  To get the best measurement, do both of these steps for consistency:
    • Measure from around your back to the front, bringing the tape measure under your arms and then up across the CENTER of your chest (at the top of your cleavage, or at your breastbone).  If the number is ODD, round UP to the next EVEN number.  This is your band size.
    • Measure around where the band of your bra goes:  under the girls.  Be sure the tape measure stays straight across your back.  Again, if it's ODD, round UP to the next EVEN number.  This is your band size.
  • Now figure out your CUP size.
    • Measure loosely around the bullest part of your chest, tape straight across the back and to the front.
    • Subract your BAND number (from above) from THIS number.  The difference in those numbers correlates to the cup size letter.  IE if the difference is 2, you're a B.  If it's 3, you're a C. And so on.

So if Step #1 got you 36 and Step #2 got you a 3, you guessed it, you're a 36C!

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