Just get it over already, President Trump, President Clinton...c'mon! Unfortunately, with five months to go until election day, you're going to see many political posts on your Facebook wall, actually, you can block those.

If you just spend a couple of minutes clicking, you can block and hide political posts on your Facebook feed. Mostly this tool is for you're Facebook website on your personal computer, but there are steps you can take to get rid of those obnoxious political Facebook posts that your friends send to your iPhone or Droid.

Gottabemobile.com goes on to tell us:

On the next page click on Filtering. Locate the box called other in the third column. Paste the text below in there to filter any Facebook post with that information from your Facebook news feed. The list started from ZDNet who shared a list of the biggest names and sources of political news, but we’ve added Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and others to the mix to help filter your feed.

/politic|Hillary|Clinton|Bush|Cruz|Rubio|Rand|Paul|Obama|O’Malley|Ryan|Trump|Palin|Biden|Democrat|Republican|RNC|DNC|POTUS|Tea Party|Convention|Right-Wing|Left-Wing|Liberal|Conservative|Religious Right|Red State|Blue State|Senate|Congress|GOP|MoveOn\.org|Reagan|Hate Crime|Gun|neocon|fascist|Rush Limbaugh|Bill O’Reilly|Bill Maher|John Oliver|Daily Show|Colbert|Sean Hannity|candidate|FOX News|Senator|Representative|Sen\.|Rep\.|President/i

After you paste that in, check the Move to tabs and type a name. Click on Save and reload the page. After you finish this you should see a new tab with all political information.

So there ya go and, your obnoxious Conservative and Liberal friends won't know that you could care less about who the next President will be. Still... get out and vote in November!