This is a life hack that's particularly valuable to me, as I am THEEE WORST at properly hanging things on the wall.

They're too high.

They're too low.

They're crooked.

I STINK at it.  Luckily, here's a simple way to "properly" hang pictures, at least, the way art galleries do.

The CENTER of whatever you're hanging should always be 57 inches up from the floor (the CENTER, not where the nail goes).

Then you can get a rough idea of where that nail does go (you've got some wiggle room, so don't go all OCD on this, like I inevitably will).

Measure how tall the painting is, and divide by 2.  

Then measure from the top of the frame to the picture wire when it's tight.

Subtract THAT from the first number, and add 57 inches.  

That's how high off the floor the NAIL needs to be.

Did I say "simple" at the beginning of this?